Notes from the Basement: March

Evening and huzzah, goda människor, from a basement out here in central Minnesota. I hope this missive finds you all safe, sound, hearty, and hale. Nearly bedtime around these parts, but I wanted to hop and post something before hitting the rack.

Summer Reading: Christina Henry’s THE GIRL IN RED

Finished up The Girl in Red by Christina Henry last week. Fun retelling of the Red Riding Hood narrative set in an apocalyptic, plague-ridden United States. Cordelia, or Red as she prefers, is walking to Grandma's house, and doing her best to avoid, outsmart, and overcome the military, ruthless militias, and scavengers intent on harm. … Continue reading Summer Reading: Christina Henry’s THE GIRL IN RED

Late to Dinner: Simon Stålenhag

Stålenhag is a Swedish visual artist, writer, musician, and tabletop RPG designer, and it seems as though he's been churning out his creative projects for a number of years. As with much of the cool art that's out there*, I'm only learning about it now, hence the whole "late to dinner" phrase in the title.

Learning Short Fiction World Building with N.K. Jemisin’s HOW LONG ‘TIL BLACK FUTURE MONTH

How Long 'Til Black Future Month? is a solid collection of Jemisin's short fiction spanning her career. And in each selection she delivers on her world building, much in the same way she did in The Fifth Season: inserting information as it becomes relevant to the narrative, avoiding huge info dumps.