Brevity & Kendrick Lamar


I subscribe to Duotrope, a service providing listings of journal and literary magazines seeking submissions. This resource is crazy valuable, as it allows me to match the pieces I’m working on with the perfect, or near perfect, or just okay avenue for publishing. So far, I’ve submitted two stories…still waiting to hear back.

Tonight while browsing through listings, I noticed that a number of publications seek extremely short fiction. Not necessarily flash fiction. But the sought after short stories are capped at 1,000-2,000 words. This poses a challenge as a lot of my short stories are 3,000+. I did however complete a new story tonight that tends toward brevity, coming in at under 1,400.

On an unrelated note, the new Kendrick Lamar album, To Pimp a Butterfly, is nuts! Never really listened to him before. This was my introduction and now I’m hooked. He’s does bold shit with this record, and I don’t mean bold for him (again, not too familiar with his records), but bold overall. Lamar weaves a narrative throughout the entire record and all the tracks work together, but each one is kind of doing its own thing too. Now I’m listening to his older records. Can’t get enough.



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