Garage Sales

Garage sale season. Light poles littered with flyers and street signs feature varying levels of directional signs, a totem to DYI commerce and a beacon for murder.

Premise for a story I’m working on. Looking to submit to Ravenswood International Publishing for their spring anthology. The theme is super-powers. Stumped at first, but then decided I could combine two different story ideas.

1) A killer using garage sales to stalk his victims (first foray into the horror genre)

2) A teenage girl with the power to summon, dismiss, and control a monster (ah ha…there’s the super power aspect)

These should blend nicely together. Protagonist and antagonist. Good vs. Evil. Supernatural.

Deadline is April 15, and I need to hit 2,500-7,500 words. I have a rough outline. Let’s see what happens.



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