Average White Guy (AWG)

In the last five years, on approximately four separate occasions, I’ve been asked in total earnestness by both family members and colleagues, “Why isn’t there a national, average, tax-paying, white guy day?” The authors of this question are positing this notion in response to attempts throughout the United States to be more diverse, to shine a light on women and people of color a bit more.

I suppose I can understand why they might be upset. After all, it’s been their–and mine…I am an average, white dude–day in the sun for a long, long time, and for that to change is probably very alarming for them. But this incredulity over someone else’s story being told or someone else being given something special is akin to starting players on an athletic team, after giving their team a generous lead over the opposition, becoming upset when the coach benches them to give the third stringers a chance.

Why shouldn’t other people be given a chance? Their participation doesn’t diminish what you’ve accomplished, but rather gives them the opportunity to achieve greatness as well.

So why isn’t there a national, average, tax-paying, white guy day? Because you’ve already run up the score fellas. You can relax a bit. Give someone else a shot.

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