Time of the Preacher

I had never heard this Willie tune until watching the first five teaser minutes of AMC‘s adaptation of Garth Ennis’ Preacher.

Killer song and it fits perfectly–in my humble opinion–with what may or may not be the introductory images of Jesse Custer.

Show premiers tomorrow night. I realize it seems ridiculous to be excited for a television program. That I shouldn’t be planning an evening around a an hour-long cable drama. But I am excited. Preacher is one of my favorite books–not just of the comic variety, but any kind of book–of all time.

I went to college in San Francisco and supported myself through student loans and a part-time job at the closest Blockbuster Video. A coworker told me that I would like Preacher, brought me the first two volumes, and after my shift, I stayed up finishing both, and begging for the next two volumes, and then the next two, until I’d finished the whole series.

Since then, I’ve read the entire run a second time, and I imagine I’m gearing up for a third. It’s one of the craziest things I’ve read and I’m looking forward to how they pull it off on television–I have faith (no pun intended) that it’ll do Ennis’ work justice.

If you haven’t read Preacher, you should. But I don’t think you need to abstain from watching the show if you haven’t read it yet. Watch the show. Realize how good the storytelling is, then buy/borrow the books.

If comics and tv aren’t your thing, then at the very least, enjoy the hell out of this tune by the Red Headed Stranger.

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