A New Year’s Basement Missive: January Goals and Stewardship

Happy New Year and Huzzah!

I’m writing this at the tail end of New Year’s Day, hunkered down in my basement. Outside, temperatures continue to fluctuate somewhere between zero and -20. Thankful for a functioning furnace, wool socks, and a splash of scotch in hot honey-lemon water.

Last day of winter break, and I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t hoping for a late start tomorrow. Rolling in at 9:00 sounds a lot better than 7:00, doesn’t it? Suppose this isn’t an ideal way to greet the new year. Where’s the positivity? The optimism? It’s there. Never fear. I’ll find it.

Resolutions are synonymous with the annual changing of the guard. The old year, bearded and grey, says so long, tips its cap at the new year, a rosy-cheeked and cherubic baby, its eyes full of wonder, and we feel compelled to make some changes. We RESOLVE to alter our MO. What better time? I’ve tried to do the year-long resolutions, and experienced limited success. This year, I’m planning to take it a month at a time. I read that we’re more likely to maintain our resolutions, to meet our goals, if we set January 31 as the end date. Why? I guess because a year seems daunting, but a month seems manageable.

Below you’ll find my goals for January:


In addition to goals or resolutions, I’ve also chosen a word for the year (this is a tradition my wife and her family practice, so shout out to them). My word for the year is STEWARDSHIP. I’ve adopted this word, because in reflecting on 2017, I realized that I didn’t do the best job in taking care of my time. As a result, I didn’t always accomplish what I wanted to or needed to. The biggest culprits were apps on my phone, and streaming services. Throughout the day, I’d open Twitter and Instagram, or play a mindless game. Sure, only for a few minutes at a time, but those minutes added up. Or, I’d throw a movie or a show on while I was working on something, and inevitably my attention would slide more and more to whatever was on the screen.

So the apps got to go. I’m deleting social media apps, games, and streaming services off my phone. I’m not saying I won’t hop on Twitter on my computer at home (have to read up on Trump’s latest blunders and Congress’ latest enabling of blunder-inducing behavior–Hey, oh! Look out for my political barbs), or watch a movie with my wife on the weekends, but I am trying to get back to a place of mindfulness and intentionality with my time.

Alright. That’s that. I’m going to bed…14 minutes past bedtime. Let’s just say the goals go into effect tomorrow. Had to get this posted tonight for accountability.

Be well. Take care. Huzzah!

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