Weekly Writing Goals

Basement Missive From the Frozen North:

I estimated that I need at least 17,000 words in the month of January to get somewhere near the end of this draft of the novel, though based on where the story’s moving this week, it will probably be slightly higher.


To reach this goal, I determined I need to write just under 570 words every day from January 2–January 31.

I didn’t write on Monday, because we were traveling most the day, and I was pretty tired at the end.

Here’s how the first four days (my first week back at work) break down:

Daily Goal=566 words/day





Grand Total=2,755

I plan to shoot for 566/day for Saturday and Sunday, and then bump it up to 570/day next week, 580/day the following, 590/day the next, and 600/day during the last week.

Be well! Huzzah!


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