Submissions Open for Barstow and Grand’s Third Issue

Hello, fellow writers.

How goes it? Depending on your respective situations, I am either glad or sorry/sad to hear that. May things continue to go swimmingly or improve with haste.

I am well. Thanks for asking. The sun is shining. Birds are singing. Most of the snow’s melted from the ground, and even if the weather does decide to turn and dump more snow on us, it’s warm enough not to stick. Especially arduous winters certainly lead to an even deeper appreciation for the season’s change.

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Speaking of spring time, guess what? Barstow and Grand, the Chippewa Valley’s premier literary journal, is currently accepting submissions for its third issue. What kind of stuff is B & G looking for? Poetry, creative non-fiction, fiction, and even hybrids of the genres. So if you have a piece of writing you’ve been kicking around, waiting for the right moment to release it into the world, now’s your chance. B & G is a great publication for writers of all levels, but an especially safe space for emerging writers. One of the main goals of the journal is to help folks get better in their craft, and to build and foster writing communities.

The submission window is open until the end of the month. So what are you waiting for? Click on the link below and send your writing in today.



PS–If you’ve submitted to issues 1 & 2, feel free to submit again.

Say something, if you like

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