Launching a Gumroad Page: “Rests Like a Bastard Sword”

Good afternoon, all!

I hope this missive finds you and yours doing well. It’s another subzero day out here in the middle of Minnesota, and despite being cooped up inside (again), the Purdy clan is having a lovely Sunday: blueberry muffins and hot coffee for breakfast accompanied by Dreamers’ Circus for a soundtrack, more practice with the claw-hammer technique on banjo, video chats with parents, beginning a graphic novel adaptation of Octavia E. Butler’s Parable of the Sower, and watching the kids enjoy building with their legos and duplos (depending on the age). There are plans later for popcorn and board games (Azul) as well as an attempt at confectionery experimentation.

I’ve also taken the time today to set up a Gumroad page as a landing spot of sorts for independently publishing and selling some of the stories I’m working on. The first piece is a just-a-hair-past-nano piece of short fiction, “Rests Like a Bastard Sword,” from my Short as Fictober 2019 endeavor. Currently, I have it set as “pay what you want,” though the suggested price (from Gumroad) is $3. With purchase, you get a pdf of the story with original cover art.

The story is about Roger Nimitz defending his driveway against an onslaught of snow as he does battle with a dangerous foe.

My plan is to continue adding stories to the Gumroad page, and eventually record audio narrations of the tales to bundle in.

So hop on over to site if you’d like to take a gander, and if you’d be so kind, help spread the word. I’ll close for now.

Thanks and take care.


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