On My 38th Trip Around the Sun

Woke up this morning to start my 38th trip around the ol’ sun. Slightly earlier than I’d hoped, but my normal 5 o’clock rise time is far too well ingrained. Managed to go back to sleep for a bit, then got up to the sound of birdsong.

Mom’s out for a visit for the first time since Thanksgiving 2019, and it’s been great celebrating and spending time with her.

Some of that tasty butter-cinnamon bread from Costco and hot coffee for breakfast. After, mom surprised me with a gift card to Nelson’s nursery here in town to get a tree for the front yard (looking at one of those crimson fire maples), and Audrey and the kids got me (the family) a copy of Mario Party for the switch.

Had plans for adventuring to St. Cloud today, but Alp wasn’t feeling well, so we made it a day at home: Banjo, Zelda, Reading, and Chinese food for lunch.

Rainy weather today, but we were still able to get outside and play a couple of rounds of Corn Hole with a travel set I’d picked up last weekend, and then put up a new hanging planter on the front porch.

It was lovely birthday, and I’m thankful for the folks I got to spend it with and for the folks who sent kind messages through cards, calls, and texts. I’m also exceedingly grateful for the regular multitude of blessings upon my back, especially for the days I’ve been allotted to spend topside.

Thanks for listening. Take care, and be well. Huzzah.


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