Niner For a Heart of Gold

Greetings from a basement out here in the middle of Minnesota! Hope this missive finds you doing well, friends, and feeling hearty and hale. ‘Twas a pretty solid Sabbath. For the first time in a long time George slept in his own bed by himself all night long. I’d made a bed on the floor … Continue reading Niner For a Heart of Gold

Wild Tomato Pizza: A Colossus in Door County

Whenever we visit Door County, we make it a point to eat at Wild Tomato, tucking into one of their many innovative creations on their packed patio during pre-COVID times or more recently grabbing a short stack of pizzas and traveling into the deeps of Peninsula State Park to enjoy our slices from paper plates while perched on a bench overlooking Green Bay.

Hej Kompisa

The first day of February delivered warmer weather with the sun sticking around long enough to melt some of the snow build-up. After settling a bellyful of pancakes and coffee, we ventured out to brave the perils of Saturday Costco. The town of Anoka lies on the way to the bastion of bulk food shopping, and in this town (self-proclaimed Halloween capital of the world) is The Swedish Crown Bakery