Giving the Critic in My Head a Voice

Tonight I had a real tough time pushing past apathy and procrastination. Just couldn’t seem to get in the mood to write, but I knew that if I didn’t write tonight, there’s a good chance that I wouldn’t write tomorrow.

So I pushed through. I’m coming to the end of this story and it’s the hardest part of the whole damn thing. I think I did a pretty good job of creating character, setting, and conflict, but the resolution is giving me trouble. I think I’m second guessing myself too much. Giving the critic in my head too much of a voice. I’m feeling judgement that isn’t even there. Like playing chess and having someone cluck their tongue every time I start to make a move.

This story is all over the place. I think I’m having a hard time finishing it, because I don’t know what kind of ending to give it. The story combines quite a few elements: comedy, action, tragedy. I feel I need to end on a somewhat serious note in order to create the catalyst for the protagonist’s growth. If I end with comic relief, I can’t help but fear that the guy will remain the chucklehead he was at the beginning of the book.

I made a step toward the climax and I suppose that’s something. 472 words. Not much, but 472 words I didn’t have before tonight.

Ever onward friends.



PS-Writing soundtrack was Rozwell Kid. Check them out. Righteous power pop.

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