Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there.

I thank my mom for taking on the consistently tenuous task of single-parenting, for sacrificing much to ensure that I had more than enough. She instilled a love of stories and reading and fostered an environment for creative and imaginative play–she read to me, bought me books as I got older, and helped me build quite the collection of He-Man and TMNT Action Figures. The characters I read about and the worlds I created with my action figures played a role in who I am today.

I thank my wife for being a tremendous mom to our two girls. She stays home with them, partaking in all manner of playing, crafting, cooking, and outdoorsing, building a rock-solid foundation for our gals to grow into exceptional ladies. Additionally, she works a stay-at-home job in the evening, bringing in extra money so that I don’t have to deliver pizzas as much (more on this later…technically I’m not employed as a delivery driver, but will probably pick up shifts this summer). She encourages my dream of being a writer, reading my stories, offering feedback, helping me revise and edit. She truly is my better half, to use an old trope, and our ship would certainly run off course without her.

Give the moms in your life a hug and a thank you.



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