Reading Rec: The Forever Sea by Joshua Phillip Johnson

In 2016, I enrolled in Augsburg University’s MFA program in Creative Writing, and in my first summer seminar I met a yarn-spinner of top-notch science fiction and fantasy by the name of Josh Johnson. One of the stories he brought to workshop featured a sea of prairie grass, miles deep, sailed by ships, powered by hearth fires, fueled the bones of dead captains. At the time, I had the opportunity to read a chapter or two, and I wanted more. I would have to wait three and a half years, but eventually the book in its entirety would find its way into my hands.

Last Tuesday, The Forever Sea was published by DAW books, and while I’m not too far into yet, I’m absolutely enjoying the hell out of it. 2021 is still young, but this one is shaping up to be one of my top reads of the year. If you get the chance, do yourself a favor and pick up The Forever Sea as soon as possible.

The Forever Sea: Johnson, Joshua Phillip: 9780756417031: Books

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